Thursday, February 28, 2008


Back in the day, Java was supposed to be our "write once, run anywhere" solution. Today, all those beans live on the server handling service calls from other "write once, run anywhere" RIAs. All that promise of fame and glory and they end up hiding in the background. Poor beans. They just weren't flashy enough. heh.


artifishall said...

Looks like the buzz has worn off, time for another cup.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Java! I remember making my first applet and getting all excited about HotJava and browsers that could dynamically download new content-handler code. It still seems rather sci-fi and too good to be true. I guess Firefox extensions in .js are the closest we get to that story these ays?

Lately I found who have somehow managed to make client-side Java UI seem cool again. Mainly by having nice libraries and pre-processor and hiding a lot of java uglyness. Apart from Java applets are mostly for running ZX Spectrum games from the 80s. A noble role to play :)