Tuesday, July 1, 2008

flickr experiment

Testing for text
Originally uploaded by anneke boudreau

The book...in process. This is a screen shot taken with my phone then emailed to flickr. I wanted to see what they would do with the text.

First, I edited the title of the photo on my phone from random text (imgnnn) to "Testing" then I created an email with "Testing for text" as the subject and "Will this text show as description?" in the body. Flickr used the email subject as the title of the photo and the body as description. Cool!

On the flickr page for this photo, the actual alt is null. How do you folks feel about that? Since the title is a good equivalent, does the image itself need an equivalent in the alt attribute? I certainly want an alt present on the image element - even if it is null - to indicate that it has been considered. I could repeat the title as the alt value, but that would be redundant. Too bad there isn't a way to associate the heading with the image to indicate they create a single semantic unit, but then again, this whole page is metadata for this image...in a sense the whole page is a single semantic unit.

If you all had this debate while I've been "away," please point me to the archives. Thanks!

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